AGU – Advanced Growing Up

Innovative technologies have changed baby care dramatically. AGU means more comfort for the child, easier life for the parents and new opportunities to improve and enrich everyday life. Ergonomic, practical, intuitive to use and easy-to-care for product with application solutions simplifies daily procedures and assures full enjoyment at every level.


Agu – Infrared Thermometer

Agu – Non – Contact Thermometer


Agu – Smart Infrared Thermometer


   Agu – Compressor Nebulizer

              Agu – Mesh Nebulizer

              Agu – Smart Mesh Nebulizer


Unique App for Android and iOS, unites all elements of baby care and provides a holistic approach to it, saves time and effort and records the most important milestones in your baby’s development.

AGU Smart Toothbrush for Kids Brushy

The smart toothbrush AGU Brushy for children with its unique training application will help you teach your children to correctly brush their teeth all by themselves. A playful character and an entertaining story make learning entertaining and inspiring, while the handy and comfortable child-friendly shape of the toothbrush makes it easy. Parents can control the results by receiving reports on the quality of brushing. Motivational program is designed for 2 months when a stable skill is formed. Several profiles can be connected to the application, thus, quality reports about the brushing can be received from each child.

AGU Smart Baby Scale Wally

This device makes recording baby’s weight and height measurements easy and enjoyable. The data storage and analysis is convenient and effortless. The device is controlled manually or via the user-friendly AGU App.

Monitoring baby’s weight and development is one of the parents’ most important tasks throughout the baby’s first months of development. You need to be 100 % sure that the baby’s feeding is sufficient enough for proper growth. The baby should be weighed both before and after each breastfeeding. By using the user-friendly AGU App all data is stored automatically and you can check the feeding history and the baby’s development records from any time period.

Smart Humidifier AGU Misty

Smart humidifier AGU is a must-have for modern children’s room as it helps keep skin, lips and nasal passages hydrated, improving the body response to bacteria and potential allergens. A favorable indoor climate has a positive effect on the child’s mood during wakefulness, as well as on his/her healthy and sound day and night sleep. Among the important features of the smart humidifier:

AGU Electric Kettle 6 in 1 Bubbly

The multifunctional electric kettle combines all operations needed to prepare healthy baby food. One of its key benefits is to warm the water to any predetermined temperature. Additional important functions are steaming, sterilizing and boiling.